Rev. 2:7, 11, 17, 26,   3:5, 12, 21 “…that (who) overcometh….”  Each of the seven churches are strongly exhorted to be overcoming. The Greek word for “Overcometh” means “to conquer” and “victory.” I is commonly used in “winning, prevailing in military battles, athletic contests, and political and social causes.” Do you realize the seven churches did not take Christ’s warnings, and today they are all gone? Not one church survived. I have no doubt there were individuals who overcame, but they as a church did not overcome.  America is not a church, yet American believers in Christ need to realize this nation has come to a crossroad, a fork with two paths. We (the 83% of the American population who claims Christianity) must rise up and choose which fork to take. Too many (nearly 40%) whine, complain, and do nothing, because they don’t like either path.  Just as the seven churches could not change history up to the point of the time Jesus Christ gave them their last warning, neither can America change the road leading up to her crisis crossing. We must rise up and recognize the forks are clearly distinct and marked out.  One leads to Globalism, adversity with no opportunity, death of liberty, and death of lives, while the other fork leads to Nationalism, adversity with opportunities, and life with liberties.  Do not kid yourself, one fork seeks to destroy anything of morals and Christianity, while the other fork provides the opportunity to prevent the snuffing out of America’s light.  “Choose you this day whom ye will serve…” (Joshua 24:15), humble yourself before Christ, listen, learn, and live His Word. Rise up take your God given responsibility including your exercising of governmental control as “We the people…” by exercising your voice and your vote for individuals and the party that give life.  Even if no one else will humble themselves in Christ and arise up to be the overcomer, you do it.  Again I say, rise up in the power and authority given in Christ and be “… the conquerors though him (Jesus) that loved us”(Rom. 8:37).  You in power of Christ can make America great again. Stand up and do it!