Reminders of Wisdom and Foolishness

Pr 11:10-11, “When it goeth well with the righteous, the city rejoiceth: and when the wicked perish, there is shouting.  By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted: but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked.”  We can see the reality of these two principles today!  First principle: The righteous build while the wicked tear down.  The righteous have quality character due to because of their relationship with Christ. Although those character qualities are not always perfect. we do see the manifestation of  hard work to build community with a sense of loyalty, dependability, trustworthiness, promises kept, commitment, persistence, and strong devotion to God. In contrast, the wicked reveal their character in laziness as they tear down the community with destruction speech, fake news (which are lies), rebellion, treachery, fickleness, falsehood, deception, and scamming.  Second principle: the righteous rejoice while the wicked do not rejoice.  As the righteous build they are content and joyful, but while the wicked rip apart community. they are not happy, nor do they have joy even when they are successful.  The righteous live contently as they work hard to build the community (1Tim 6:6), while the wicked (ungodly) knows no contentment as they live in laziness service and provide lips service with destructive speech and name calling as they destroy communities (1Tim. 6:4). It is no wonder “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn” (Prov. 29:2). “The people mourn” includes both the wicked and the righteous.  Therefore, never, never give up, grab God’s promises, and go forth in love to build the community well.